Pamper Time 🛁 Fresh Naturals 

Hi guys so Fresh Natural very kindly sent me out a Bath Pamper Pack out to try and review and I loved using it! So relaxing and after every bath I smelt lush!

So every now and again when I’ve had a really bad day and I need a bit of a pick me up or I’m just tired I’ll have a nice bath and pamper my self. Which we all need every now and again! 

I have really  really sensitive skin unfortunately and if I’m not careful which products I use I come out with horrible red rashes which I have to admit are a pain ! Especially on my face I’m allergic to so many face masks and face creams washes! I even react to some simple products .

So Fresh Naturals is a perfect brand for me .

Fresh naturals products are homemade and everything is cruelty free , free from parabens and SLS and other unnecessary synthetic ingridents. Many of their products are also vegan friendly . They also contain organic ingredients .  They have products which are fragrance free and specially formulated products for extra senestive  skin . 

So for me their perfect!
Firstly To start my pamper session I grabbed  a cup of tea !  In my fave mug my Donald Duck mug  !

Next I chucked my hair up into a very messy bun and took my makeup of . 

I used my Tea Tree makeup wipes  that I got from body care for 49p their so good for what you pay and they do the job.

I then washed my face with a hot flannel before applying the face duo clay mask. 

I love this product because it can be used as mask or a cleanser. I used it as a mask and then a cleanser one night I was doing a quick skin care routine and it made my face feel so refreshed and clean.

Me with the face mask on!  I left it on for 20 minutes then took it of and my skin felt so soft . I was so happy because this is generally the only face mask that I haven’t come out with a red rash from! My life saver!

I also received a muslin cloth to remove the face duo with . Because the face cloth helps to buff away any impurities and gently exfoliates your skin.  

I also received a Full body Detox SLS free bath bomb .

It is a pretty simple bath bomb and it smells amazing with its mint and tea tree scent. 

After my bath my skin felt amazing all thanks to this bath bomb.

This was after I’d put the bath bomb in so it diddnt change the colour of the water but it smelt Amazingg!!

I then added some Aromartherapy  Bath salts theese particular ones where Lavender and orange and basil scented but Fresh naturals have 15 different scents ! 

I wanted a few bubbles so I added abit of shower gel which wasn’t fresh naturals but it’s imperial leather and it’s so nice !! I’m aware it says for men but I always use men shower gel and men deodorant because it smells nicer ! 

This was my Bath result after adding the bath bomb , bath salts and a bit of shower gel! I diddnt want to many bubbles as they get in the way when washing my hair !
Products I used in the bath;

I used the Natural Pumice soap made with cooling antibacterial peppermint oil and natural pumice this soap is amazing for buffing and exfoliating the skin before shaving and moisturising  and tanning . 

I found this soap was really good on dry areas  like, hands ,knees,elebows ! 

I also used Fresh naturals natural moisture oil. I added a few drops into my bath water and applied it my body and after soaking my skin felt so soft.’

I also used Fresh naturals 3 in 1 shampoo body and face wash . I used it as shampoo and it made my hair feel so soft ! Later that night I washed my face  with it too and my face felt so clean .

After I got out bath I used  the Fresh naturals Lemon grass moisturising body butter, my skin was already so soft but it made it even softer which was a bonus. I love the smell of it to and it has added Vitamin E in it to help protect the skin from free radicals and other impurities .

To end my Pamper session I got into my fluffiest bed socks and my comfiest pajamas !

I then did some relaxing colouring ! Recently I’ve been loving doing adult colouring books they really do help me relax and de stress ! I fully recommend trying  it if you haven’t already!

I then watched a few YouTube videos , i say a few I was actually watching it for hours but it’s one of my favourite things to do when I’m de stressing! Today I was watching Anastasias room tour you can find her on YouTube if you search “Floral princess” Ive watched her for so long! Then I watched Zoellas vlogs which are my fave to watch!  I’m sure you all know who zoella is!

I 100% recommend all the products I’ve mentioned in this post.  Their very similar to Lush and I love lush! I recommend you checking FreshNaturals  out I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do! I’m so happy I’ve finally  found a brand that doesn’t react harshly to my skin! 

Thank you so much Fresh Naturals for sending me theese amazing products!

Thank you for reading my post  , I hope your all well! Have you ever tried anything from Fresh naturals ? Do you recommend any brands suitable for sensestive skin ? Let me know in the comments.

Luce x x x x x 

*** I got sent theese products for review purposes but all my opinons are 100%honest like always *** 


21 thoughts on “Pamper Time 🛁 Fresh Naturals 

  1. All of these sound so gorgeous, I’m such a sucker for bath and pamper products, I definitely have far too many pamper nights! The aromatherapy salts and body butter sound absolutely divine! Happy you’ve found something natural that works with your skin, I feel your pain with having skin sensitivity!
    Alice Xx


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