•Milestone One• •On my little corner on the internet •✨💗

Hello guys so the other day I hit a 100 followers on here, my little corner on the internet !

It was such a shock to me as when i used too blog over at blogspot which I did for two years I had no followers at all. I defiantly prefer WordPress to blog on I think it's so much better to find new bloggers and I find it so much easier to use.

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me or even just clicked on my blog I am so so grateful .

I know to a lot of people this is such a small milestone but I'm just so happy that my blog has actually reached 100 followers.

I feel like this time around my blog has achieved so much more.

I started it last August so nearly a year but at the start I didn't have much time to blog because of school and it was my last year and as many as you know I had my GCSES which I finished in June and I also on top of having to revise etc I had coursework and a part time
Job so didn't really have much time to concentrate on blogging but now I've finished school I'm going to have more time!

Since finishing school which was only on the 16th June my blog has gained so many more followers and views and just more bloggers commenting and interacting with me!

So thank you all so much for even just clicking on my blog .

I have found so many lovely people,that Ive found through blogging and I love doing it and I love reading other people's blogs and I always try to leave a like and a comment .

I didn't know whether to do this post but I wanted to thank you all and I thought id document all my milestones so I can look back onto them.
So hopefully this can become a series and hopefully theirs many more milestones to come !

I'd just like to thank all the blogging Community for been supportive !

Luce x x x x


59 thoughts on “•Milestone One• •On my little corner on the internet •✨💗

  1. Congrats Lucy, 100 followers is an incredible achievement – by no means small! Also thank you for stopping by and following my blog, can’t wait to read more of your work 🙂 x

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