Night time thoughts..

So it's currently 3:42 AM and I'm
Wide awake so what better time to write a blog post. I came upstairs and crawled into bed at about 12 I was so tired so I thought I'd brush my teeth and try get some sleep.
So when I got into bed I did what a normal person does that is trying to go to sleep. I shut my eyes. But it's as if their was an actual monkey in my head banging two pans together. Bang bang bang. My room is full of silence but my heads the complete opposite .
I thought I'd put a bit of Netflix on so I put on Big school which has David Williams in which I love,
I thought I'd get to sleep watching this, but I thought I'd be gone after one episode 4 episodes down the line I decide enough is enough. So I try listening to music because that always manages to get me to sleep, I normally go to sleep with my headphones in then my mum comes in and over exaggerates the situation and said they could have strangled me, but no music was not working. Desperate times lead to desperate measures. I typed in on google "spa music " I thought this will be more relaxing. Next minute I'm listening to whale music ..yes whale music. Did it work nope. By this point I'm getting very wound up and as I'm writing this post I'm still very wound up. I just want to sleep. I'm sat tossing and turning it's now 3:55 AM I have to be up early in the morning .
I'm to warm so I do that thing that I'm sure you all know where you put one leg out the cover or over the bed so it's hanging of. Well I do that thinking I'll cool down but no I have to put it back in, incase something gets my leg and drags me under the bed . Crazy thoughts I know.
I'm sat now with both legs under the cover . Asking my infinite questions but not knowing why.
My head is full of them. I'm full of **** no jokes.
Like I keep thinking why did I say that earlier today at work.
Excuse me head but how irrelevant? You've said it now end of.
Then I started thinking about how I'm going to be so tired tomorrow . Then I realise it's already a new day so technically I should be saying today.
I have tried everything . Before I picked my phone up to write this post.. I thought I'd count sheep. But instead i counted unicorns because sheep are to original . But them unicorns didn't send me to sleep.
I have dropped my phone on my head numerous times writing this post. Isn't that a sign I'm tired ? Maybe if I'm lucky it will hit me hard enough to send me to sleep.
It's now 4:02 AM and because I've just typed AM I'm now sat singing in my head "won't you stay till the AM" but I've got nothing else to do so.
My sleeping pattern is so messed up .
I have thoughts flying about in my head keeping me awake it's so annoying .

These quotes are so True!
Anyway I'm going to attempt to go to sleep now but I'll give you an update in the morning what time I
Managed to get to sleep if I do manage to get to sleep.
What time do you go to sleep
Normally ? Any tips on how to get to sleep easier ?
This was just a bit of a rant and ramble as you all know by now
I CANT SLEEP. I shall try again.
Good night or when you read this good morning since alot of the world is asleep(your all so lucky)
Luce x x x x
• Their will be another post going up at 4pm which I planned •


25 thoughts on “Night time thoughts..

  1. I hate those nights where you just can’t sleep no matter how hard you try! I just end up stopping trying and pre-occupying myself with other things until I’m too exhausted to stay awake anymore. I find the more you try and fail, the more frustrated you get which hinders you even more!
    Alice Xx

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  2. Sounds very similar to what I go through. All these thoughts ramble in my head…and at the most undesirable, when I’m trying to fall asleep!! Lol. I’ll wake up and write, just like you. And it helps a little. I know it’s an uncomfortable feeling to be hearing unwanted thoughts but try to think of it as structured criticism. Sometimes we beat ourselves up over the things we said earlier, but we shouldn’t because it all happens for a reason. Everything works out the way it’s supposed to in the end. We learn from our mistakes and it should make us a better person. Try to focus on ways to heal, and you seem to be trying because you write. Writing helps and fortunately we were gifted with writing hence why we have a blog. Keep it up!! And stay positive 🙂


  3. My sleep schedule is such a pain, I’ve been getting up earlier recently to try and get a more consistent pattern, but it’s easy to fall back to sleep or have a nap in the afternoon when you’re stuck at home with no work to do! 😴

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