My July Favourites ✨

Hello lovelies ! I can’t believe it’s the 1st of August today! July flew past !! Is it just me that thinks that ? It’s insane how fast it went. So here I am writing my first monthly Favourites , Im going to start doing them Monthly because I personally love reading them and watching them on YouTube , I could spend hours doing it.
So for today’s monthly Favourites I’m going to be just including beauty Favourites but in the future months to come I will be including food clothes beauty books etc.
Before I start 4 of the products are soap and glory because I got bought a little soap and glory set and I’ve adored it this month so I thought I’d share it with you .

I’ll share the soap and glory products first which I’ve loved this month.

Soap&Glory Heel genius !🎀
I believe this is £8 to buy a big tube of it so to start with how affordable of this. I love the orange and lemon scent that you can smell as soon as you lift the lid.
It does the job it’s makes your heels feel so soft and fixed. I personally always suffer from really dry heels so when I used this it was a life saver.
I started using it twice a week and I put it on before I go to sleep and slip some bed socks on so the cream is soaked up and in the morning my feel so soft.I recommend this if you suffer from dry feet it really does help.



Soap and glory the righteous butter🎀

This product smells insane its got a aroma of a floral scent and a sweet scent sometimes I just put it on as perfume and rub some across my neck and wrists and I always get so many compliments. The scent lingers for ages. I love this as not does it only smell amazing but it leaves your skin feeling so buttery soft and it also absorbs into your skin quickly I also feel like it gives your skin a healthy looking glow. I guess the price is quite steep as its £10 but its so worth it and it will last for ages.


 Soap and glory clean on me🎀

I am deffiently going to have to re purchase this it smells divine and makes your skin so silky and smooth and after your shower or bath you can  still smell it hours later !  It smells really natural and it’s such a bonus that it has a moisturiser too your skin just feels so good.  It’s such a good shower gel! I always use men shower gel so nice to have a change.  I think it’s reasonably priced to!
Soap&Glory  Hand Food🎀

This is a handbag must have !  I had so many tubes of this , I believe it’s £6  and it’s so good! Best hand cream  I’ve had ,makes your hands feel so smooth and soft , the smelll Iike all of soap and glory products is insane.  Sometimes at work I wash up and my hands feel awful after so this always helps after work too.  Some hand creams don’t last very well but this does my hands feel amazing for hours.

Charlie Pink body spray🎀

Last month I was obsessed  with Charlie red and now I’m obbseed with Charlie pink , this is my go to body spray at the minute , it’s such a unique scent , I love it, I use it everyday before work and I can still smell it when I finish and for a £1 you can’t go wrong really .

Rimmel London match perfection foundation 🎀
This is my favourite foundation ever I’ve just had to buy another one ready for August ! I have used this for years now , it’s my favourite drug store foundation and it’s such a reasonable price for £7.99 I actually get mine from my local bodycare for £4.99 so even better. I love the coverage  it’s so good and it doesn’t make your face feel heavy if that makes any sense what so ever . I love how you can build the covrage up too. I really recommend this  if your looking for a new drug store foundation . 

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion 🎀

I bought this at the beginning of July as I wanted something to give my skin abit of a glow, I feel like Caspar the ghost as living where I live theirs not much chance of a tan,  I use the sun kissed look gradual tanner and you gradually build it up. I love the fruity apricot scent , I love it as it’s really easy to apply and it comes out as a white cream so you don’t get the problems you get with fake tan , I like you don’t need anything to use it other then the lotion as long as you wash your hands straight afer no mitt is needed , I feel like it makes my skin glow just how I want it. It’s £5 from  Boots so it’s really good price and will last you a while , I’ve been putting it on most nights if I remember.

Zoella Bake my Day perfume 🎀

Zoella brought this out last Christmas time but I’ve now gone onto my second bottle I love it , it’s such a nice scent it’s just so fresh of gingerbread men I love it , I wear this on most days is that bad I wear a Christmas scent in July ? I just love the smell of it ! It’s lasts for ever , it was £7 and it’s so worth it and the packaging is so cute! I can’t wait to get hold of some of her new products!

New look lipstick in the shade “Antique rose “🎀💄

I love new look lipsticks so much I paid £4 for this and it’s so worth it, it not only lasts ages , I can put it on and not have to worry about it coming off I love the shade to it always looks really nice and I’m always getting compliments on it, it’s my favourite nude colour I wear it most days, it also moisturises my lips so they don’t feel or look dry as well as looking nice with colour ! Totally recommend it!

MAC False lashes mascara 🎀

£18 for a mascara is quite alot because for me personally I’m a sucker for drug store beauty’s like rimmel , but this mascara is so worth £18 it’s my mascara of the month it makes my lashes look so long and not clumpy and they have a really natural look to them !  I think it’s worth it if you have no lashes like me!

Essence lipstick in the shade 03🎀💄
I love this lipstick it’s so bright and great for summer hense why I’ve used it so much, I think it looks nice with a natural makeup look and then a bold lip , it was £2.99 and it’s so cheap but an amazing lipstick! I can’t wait to get some more essence lipsticks. It lasts so well to!

Technic colour fix contour pallete!🎀

I love this pallete it was £4 and it comes with 4 contour  shades and 4 highlighters , I use the lightest shade the 2nd one across the bottom row to contour and then i use the 3rd across the top highlighter most days and my cheeks look amazing, I find it stays in quite well to and for £4 you can’t go wrong really . I will be using  this for a long time ! Love it !

So that’s a few of my monthly favourites , I hop you enjoyed reading what I enjoyed his month and well …

I hope everyone has a lovely happy August , full of love and peace 💗💗

Thank you for reading ! What are your monthly favourites let me know?

Have you tried any products I’ve mentioned ?

Ps it’s my birthday in a week eeeek!

Luce x x x x


39 thoughts on “My July Favourites ✨

  1. I absolutely love the smell of Soap and Glory products and I love that they’re so affordable too! I didn’t even know Zoella did scents but gingerbread sounds like something I’d definitely wear, I’ll have to check that out!
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The zoella bake my day sounds perfect – it really does! I love the sound of the soap and glory products too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    Liked by 1 person

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