Things that make me happy☺️

Hello lovelies ,how are you all?so today I’m going to be telling you.. a few things that make me happy .. * sings theese are a few of my favourite things in my head* I thought I’d Spread some  positive vibes today 💗So I’m going to tell you a few things that make me happy 😁

  • Getting rid of negativity and negative  people out of my life 👋🏻-

 I‘ve done a lot of this recently and it makes me so much happier not been surrounded by it all. If high school taught me anything it taught me how nasty people are and can be.  You don’t need them people in your life that bring negativity! Just wave goodbye to them and you’ll soon be happier 😁

  • Spending time with family ☺️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦   

Spending time with family makes me so happy💗

    This is a photo of my dad my sister my mum and my little brother and then me on the end 💗

    This is me and my grandma 💗

    • Blogging!👩🏻‍💻

    Blogging makes me happy , I love doing it ,I love writing blog posts and I love the blogging community ! I’m so glad I started doing it, so excited for the upcoming months!

    • Music 🎶

    Music .. i listen to it so much it’s unreal.. I love how music can lift your mood up.. Music makes everything better ! Recently I’ve been loving The song slow hands by Niall Horan I can’t stop listening to it.

    • Spending time with Joni ❤️

    Spending time with my best friend makes me happy, she’s my rock, my other half .. I don’t know what I’d do without her even if she is annoying !

    • Taking photos  🌸📷

    I took this photo yesterday ☺️How pretty are these flowers! I love taking photos of pretty things, I only take them on my photo and edit them..but I find it so fun to do! 

    • Watching YouTube and Netflix  🎞

    Let’s face it Netflix and YouTube can may anyone happy, I love watching series on Netflix Ive recently been loving the series Jane the virgin it’s so good I’m now finally onto series 2.. if anyone has watched it pleas let me know what you think of it💗

    YouTube makes me happy , I love watching YouTube so many inspirational youtubers !💗

    • Phillip Schofield  memes 😂

    I love Philip schofield and the memes people make with him in are so funny and I love watching his Snapchat stories their just so funny and make me so happy!

    • Bath bombs 😍

    Bath bombs make everyone happy right? I love bath bombs ! I can’t wait to go to lush next week and place an order at fresh naturals !

    • The beach🌊☀️

    The beach makes me happy ! Except recently around where I live at North Yorkshire it hasn’t really been Beach weather ! 

    • Shopping 👛

    Shopping makes me happy I love buying new clothes and new make up and new bags 🛍 Of shopping next week so excited!

    What makes you happy ? Their so many beautiful things to be happy about , my list could go on !💗
    I’m just going to leave this here thanks for reading ! They’ll be an exciting review going up next Thursday and they’ll be a post up on Monday my birthday 🎀

    Luce x x x x 


    29 thoughts on “Things that make me happy☺️

    1. Have to say I think everything you’ve mentioned makes me happy as well. I have cut out so many negative people in my life and the relief is unreal. Spending time with my family is my favourite, family time is so important. Great post lovely x

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    2. Spending time with my family makes me so happy to! I don’t spend time with them when I’m away at uni so it’s nice to see them. Blogging makes me happy too x

      Kayleigh Zara 🌿

      Liked by 1 person

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