•Milestone 2• 200 followers ❤️

Hello you lovely bunch  .. as I’m writing this I’m in so much shock. I can’t put into words how I feel right now.. I just can’t believe it. I HIT 200 FOLLOWERS.

Me right now ;

I hit 100 followers on the 29th of June .. today is the 12th of august .. it’s only been 2 weeks since I posted my 100 followers  post and here I am writing  my 200 followers post two weeks later , just two week its insane. Bearing in mind it took me nearly a year to hit 100  followers.

I couldnt believe what I was seeing when it flashed up on my phone screen.  I honestly can’t believe it,I never imagined I’d hit 200 followers just two weeks later. I always thought my blog is just a humble little blog and I’m lucky to of reached 100 followers! 200 now and I just can’t get over it.

I’m so grateful and I can’t believed how much my little blog is growing in such little time. It’s crazy.
I Thank each and everyone one of you I really appreciate you taking your time to visit my blog , read it and interact with me.

  I started this blog of with one follower my dad  (always my N1 supporter)To now have over 200 people across the world following me,I find it amazing how people enjoy reading my content and how people are active liking my posts and commenting.

I’m so happy  I have this little corner on the internet which is so positive , no matter how small it is.

Thank you everyone for the love and support the blogging community is perfect! 

I will strive to make my blog grow even more and to have good quality posts, thank you so much!

I wish all my readers succes with their blogs ✨

I hope you all stick around on my crazy blogging journey  ❤️

I’m also about to hit 2.3k on my twitter if you want to follow me it’s _luciemarie_ 💕

Have a lovely day!

Luce x x x x 


45 thoughts on “•Milestone 2• 200 followers ❤️

  1. Congrats , young lady! I hope you get so many more followers because your blog is so positive and happy! You truly enjoy blogging and that’s what makes a good blogger, not just great content , but the fact that you ENJOY what you do. Keep on blogging 😉

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