How October has gone..Hitting 300 followers?!!!

Hello lovelies i cant believe we have less than a week left of October, i know i say this most months if not every but time has gone so fast as odd as this may sound i feel like this year is going faster than any other years have, its crazy how its soon going to be November , Im so excited for it to … Continue reading How October has gone..Hitting 300 followers?!!!

Why I love October 🍂🎃👻🍃

Hello lovelies It’s finally October I can’t believe we are in the 10th month of the year it is going so fast but I’m so happy it’s October and I’m finally in my favourite season -Autumn. I’ve had such a busy September and I am so happy it’s over  I’m going to be posting every Wednesday now I have so much content I want to … Continue reading Why I love October 🍂🎃👻🍃

|The unique blogger award|

Hello lovelies,how are you all. So the other day the lovely Girl enters ✨nominated me for the unique blogger award so thank you to her !  Before I start I’d just like to say a big thank you too  the amazing Sophie on twitter as @socialinfluencee for making me this beautiful  header ! I love it! So grateful ! What do you guys think? So I’ll … Continue reading |The unique blogger award|

My 16th Birthday 🎈//wishlist

Hey guys so yesterday I finally turned 16 .. being a summer baby is not fun when all your. Friends are about to turn 17 meanwhilst you’ve only just turned 16😅 I had such a lovley birthday and got spoilt with my cards & presents and money .. so grateful 💗 The night before my birthday me and my best friend went out for a … Continue reading My 16th Birthday 🎈//wishlist

Top 10 Disney Films to watch when you feel down 👸🏻🤴🏻✨💗

Hey guys so I’ve just come out of a #GRLPOWR blogger chat my fave blogger chats to be in on twitter- my twitter is “_luciemarie_ ” if you wanna follow me (cheeky self promo their) and the theme was Disney and it’s honestly been one of my favourite chats to have took part in . So I decided I’d write a Disney themed blog post … Continue reading Top 10 Disney Films to watch when you feel down 👸🏻🤴🏻✨💗


Hi guys so today it’s a month until I leave school! I’m petrified to leave school and have a new start at collage but it’s what I need I really hate all the teachers so much except about 8 to be precise 🙄👍🏻I’m currentley sitting my gcses I’ve only done two I’ve got 17 more to do before I leave and all my life consists … Continue reading GCSES 📚