My 16th Birthday 🎈//wishlist

Hey guys so yesterday I finally turned 16 .. being a summer baby is not fun when all your. Friends are about to turn 17 meanwhilst you’ve only just turned 16😅 I had such a lovley birthday and got spoilt with my cards & presents and money .. so grateful 💗 The night before my birthday me and my best friend went out for a … Continue reading My 16th Birthday 🎈//wishlist

My Summer Goals☀️ A colab with Alanna✨

Hi everyone hope your all well as you can see by the title and the image above I’m going to be doing a colab with the amazing Alanna and we are both going to be sharing our summer goals !  Summer time is usually my favourite but I don’t want this summer to come because GCSE results are in summer which makes me just want to … Continue reading My Summer Goals☀️ A colab with Alanna✨